EU election

190203 EU FLAGNothing is impossible, so we in the Green Party are just getting our ducks in a row, in case we have to take part in the EU election on 23 – 26 May this year.

And I’ve put myself forward for selection as MEP candidate for London.


The background: In 2016 a third of the British electorate voted to leave the European Union. Right or wrong, calling a referendum at all was certainly unwise.

The pitch: The country is now split and we need to reunite it.

  • We must find a solution for remainers and fix the failures Leavers voted against. These are not failures of the EU, they are failures of Westminster
  • We must get migration right, introduce the kind of regulations other EU nations already have.
  • We must stop companies importing cheap labour, not only unfair to foreign workers, but it destroys our jobs market too.
  • We must safeguard the Euro billions invested every year in Britain’s nations and regions.
  • We must ensure that we keep Europe’s economic engine room in London. It provides us with 20% of our national income.
  • We must maintain the EU’s far more ambitious environmental policies and high standards of food production. No chlorinated chicken or hormone reared beef for us!

So why vote for me?

Vote for me because I am your ideal candidate. I am a European Brit to the core, and always will be.

Born in Denmark, I have lived and worked in Spain and Italy and have long since made the UK my home.

I can get by in most Western European languages, I understand how Europe works, and what doesn’t work. And I know how, together, we can fix it.

Let’s not behave like a wrecking ball, we’re bigger than that!

So please vote for me and let’s secure for our children the British European future they long for.


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