Kirsten de Keyser


I have been an active Green Party member for five years. I was born in Denmark and came to live in London in my twenties, because it was the most exciting, beautiful, thriving and creative city in the world.

I married a Londoner, made lots of television programmes and brought up two kids. I love London and I won’t be going anywhere in a hurry. That said, since the 2008 financial crash, I have watched in horror what’s happening to our great city.

181226-LONDON-ELECTSThat’s why I’m standing for election to Parliament in the London constituency of Holborn and St Pancras.

Next year, I am also the Barnet & Camden Green Party candidate for the Greater London Authority. 

Where London was once filled with hard working, hard playing Londoners from all over the world, it is now filled with hard working, hard pressed Londoners from all over the world, barely able to keep a roof over their heads, while struggling to pay their season ticket to far away jobs, which they can’t afford to live closer to.

We can do better than that. Much better than that. But we need to elect real people to get on with that job. Not just career politicians. I know what’s needed. I live it every day and I have plenty of political will to fix it. 


Here’s my bullet point London pitch:

London’s burning. Well not literally, of course, but our city is in serious trouble, and no one seems to have the will to fix it. The London Powerhouse is largely staffed by career politicians, who have little contact with the problems of everyday life.  Life is not just writing a fancy report and it takes more than a spreadsheet to keep the home fires burning. If I am elected I want to work for:

  • More youth centres:  Groups of young people roam aimlessly around our streets. Why? Because they have nowhere to go and nothing to do. We need to throw open the hundreds of dark and empty shops around town and turn them into bright and welcoming hang-outs for those young people. 
  • Revitalise the rest of our High Street shops: The shops in the high street that are still hanging on in there need to be helped to compete with online businesses through meaningful tax breaks and sensible rent management.
  • Reform the private rented sector: We need to see empty properties lived in. No more “Buy and Leave” by foreign investors, who treat our homes as safe deposit boxes. We’ve already been successful at getting rid of Section 21 “No Fault Evictions”, the main cause of our shocking levels of homelessness. Now let’s tackle the practice of extortionate rent hikes – we must introduce a workable system of rent monitoring, in line with other European countries, as well as with New York, San Francisco and several US states. 
  • Clean up our toxic air: Expand even further the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), lobby Transport for London to speed up the bus electrification programme.
  • Encourage more cycling and walking: Continue making it simpler and safer to get around town on two wheels or two legs, and introduce more free electric cycle loan schemes.

The GLA election is not till 2020, so watch this space as the campaign hots up.

One of the upsides that attracted me to the Green Party, back in the day, was that they are not funded by vested interests like big business or trades unions.

So we can tell it like it is! Whether the news is good, bad, ugly, popular or unpopular, you will hear the unvarnished version from The Greens.

The downside is that we’re permanently on the breadline and depend on generous crowdfunding from our growing band of dedicated supporters.

So if you want to be part of tomorrow’s world and have a few quid to spare, go HERE

Thank you!

Have a nice day!